Thursday, 5 January 2012

Thursday Jan 5th

Nineteen turned out for duty today. For many it was the first C&W visit of 2012, me included.

It is somehow sad and quiet without the trains running. 2807 and the Turkish 8F are now both back at Toddington. Here fairly early in the day the 8F is loaded and nearly ready to go. It was in Toddington by lunch time.

So with nothing else to watch it was full swing on all fronts.

The restoration of the kitchen equipment of the RBr  continues with Paul cleaning and renovating the oven doors.

While several other were seen with other bits of the oven. Robin was dealing with the shelves.

The severing area shelf surrounds have lost the odd bit of edging Formica and Roger Wicker was endeavouring to re-trim and match or at least disguise the patch.

Santa was back to filling round the doors rather than his sack. well done Ron.

On the CK 7221 the sanding continued with Dave Hancox in his usual disguise. This is the first of the 1st Class compartments. Hopefully after all this effort it will be possible to re-varnish the panel rather than have to replace it. My guess is its already been assessed and passed as OK for restoration.

The main effort, and boy does it need it, was on       SO 4790. I don't think there is a bit of the carriage not being worked on. Even this, one not normally seen hides the fact that the other end of the roof is having a patched welded in.

Below: Malcolm contemplates the climb back down to the ground to trim this section a little more.

Above: I got this shot because I was up the scaffold tower to start the removal of the east end corridor connector.

A task that fell to me after this discussion between John Hamer and John Osborn.

It will allow much better access to the east end for all the welding repairs required. With it out of the way the welders will be able to make better progress by not being in each others way.

John Osborn then returned to the west end, I'm sure he wants his name in lights, and adjusted the angle of the new brackets for the door hinges.

He then plated over them ready for the door team to set about mounting a door next week.

Meanwhile Pete Fisher was measuring up another vertical section of the curved side rail ready to position it for the second door.

The other 16 of the 32 sliding windows were top coated today by John Hughes

While Bob was the man making noise today with a very noise sander.

From top to bottom John Squires was working on the under carriage vacuum pipe. The original section is curved in several direction and we don't have the facilities to create a new pipe with such twists in it. So a new route has to be found and a couple of bends used to arrive at the same end position. Here John is cutting the thread for one of the new sections.

Inside Cheryl was as usual the first in action on the ceiling of the centre door vestibule. The east end ceiling is now complete and clear for the woodwork team to start refitting the panelling and varnishing.

Others were washing the west end ceiling but we may need to replace one section as a large split has been found.

Having talked with John Hamer while he was finishing the re-installation and trimming of a window I got the low down on the rest. There are two more of the west end windows already out and another to come out. The work list is long but progress is being made. All made much easier by Dave who spent the early part of the day clearing 'bits' out of the 4790 to create work space. We are always reluctant to remove things to soon just in case.

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