Thursday, 26 January 2012

Thursday 26th January

Today turned into a cold and damp day that seemed to dull the enthusiasm. 16 signed in but Paul had to depart quickly. We hope all is well Paul.

Dave and I started by inserting a stack of the new GWR Event leaflets into the timetable leaflets. So there are some ready for the rest of you to collect and distribute to friend family and anyone else you can think of.

Dave always starts with the rubbish jobs. It is a good job he did it early as the sunshine disappeared very early in the day.
John Hamer went out into the yard to check on battery charging issues and came back frozen on a few minutes later.

Ron Bennett ventured into the Rbr to finish the pipe work and lagging following the re-installation of the water tank. He then returned to his repetitive task of modifying the light fittings.

While John Osborn fitted a cooker panel in the RBr. It really isn't a carry handle but a very convenient vent.

However, the main focus for the moment is the welding on SO 4790. So it was good to see Malcolm fixing in place the roof section he has been working on for some time and John Osborn (pictured) finishing the second corner of the carriage.

Having finished the sliding windows yesterday, Tony was looking for a new challenge which arrived in the form of the radiator covers. SO 4790 would normally have 16 of these but due to the adaptation for wheelchairs we need to find some additional covers. Whether we have any that will match we shall have to see. John Hamer has his thinking cap on to think where we might find some suitable covers. In the meantime Tony and John Hughes extracted the rest of the existing covers, some were already out. They then cleaned and painted them. As usual with such active ties it wasn't all straight forward with a couple of broken and a couple of detached hinges.

Tony also set about some of the small ceiling lights and set another challenge as we have to decide on the lighting for the disability access vestibule in SO 4790.

Malcolm down to earth from the roof to create an extra mounting bracket.

Best Job of the day that was Jeffs. He sorted out the rota stack of screws in the store.

Why the best job?

It was warm in the store room.

Wandering around the workshop there was more evidence of the Wednesday groups efforts.

Some repaired door finger strips and under the covers new varnished panel.

The plastic is to keep the dust of until the varnish has properly dried.

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The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

There is large box marked up in the office with the leaflets in it.

Do take some and distribute them.