Thursday, 19 January 2012

Thursday 19th January 2012

First of all an apology the next blog probably won't be until Monday. The grandson's birthday is intervening.

It was a busy day for the 18 volunteers who showed up at Winchcombe on a damp day.

Cheryl was in early as usual and completed the ceiling top coat in SO 4790.

It turned into a (predominately) painting day. Russ had taped up the top line on the wall side yesterday and after giving the paint a gentle sand to key in the next coat I taped up the lower line just in front of the flying brush of Bob Keyte who proceeded to complete all the Chocolate underating that was possible on that side of the carriage.

On the other side Rod Wells, John Hughes & Peter Lucus were completing the other side and than assisted Bob with the Cream on the wal side. That takes the main bodywork painting as far as it can go until the ends are ready.

The ends of the carriage are firmly under the control of the welders and today we at last saw some major progress. The cutting out of the body panelling stopped and John Osborn wheeled out the welder. The second corner of the carriage is now tacked firmly in place.

Malcolm started on his corner of the roof only the interrupted by John. Oh well it turned into a day of helping out elsewhere.

Tony Barnard with Paul's help located some sliding windows to replace the incorrect ones that had been fitted. The only problems was the state of them. It really didn't look like glass in the frame!

A before and after.

 After A lot of scrapping and cleaning it became possible to see through them and Tony was busy painting the primer as I left.


On CK 7221 Jeff and Dave continued respectively with the cleaning of the ceiling formica and the sanding of the panelling.

On the RBr 1672 the hot water tank was again tested to positively identify the location of the leak which was the duly repaired by Ron Benett. A little to much air pressure on the retest had the tank creaking but it proved the leak was fixed. Now they have to re-install the tank. Robin took the opportunity of the tank being out to clean up and reprint behind it. Ron and Roger continued with the finishing of the servers area.

Ron praying it will soon be finished I think.

Paul was again dealing with the enamelling of the oven doors.

Today's medal has to go to John Hamer. He treaked down the track measuring the flanges and treads on all the wheel sets. He completed the maroon rake today and a few other carriages.
Overall they are in fairly good condition, there are a couple of concern that will need further checks before the new season. The weather did improve for him a bit but it still wasn't that great when I walked down the track to check up with him on another matter.

As usual Dave started many jobs only to pass them on as someone else arrived looking for work. Finally at the end of the we went home giving him al the odds and end back to tidy up. Well done Dave.

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