Thursday, 12 January 2012

Thursday 12th Jan.

As promised I start with an extra bit of Wednesday's work.

The first of the disabled access doors has been measured up offered up and the hinges secured but the door is not actually bolted in place as it will have to come off again for the rest o the trim strip to be put in place.

We also have ta new interior panel for another of the doors.

Today with just 14 in today it was quiet especially as John Osborn was trying to work out why the welder has blown another internal fuse. So he spent a good deal of the day cleaning it inside and out which meant he wasn't occupied in his usual manner of noise making.

He claims is was so quiet I had nodded off under the carriage.
Note the wood block for a pillow.

I say I was removing the the connector and cabling for the now redundant electrical heating system in this carriage. We are trying to preserve the equipment as it may be of use else where, just not on this carriage.

This actually all started because John needed parts of it out of the way so that he can tackle the rust visible on the corner and not so visible right across that bottom edge.

Last Saturday I had disconnected the corridor connector. Today I clamped it away from the end of the carriage. Removed the vertical wooden bar it was attached to to give access to that hole (bottom centre). The pipe work was still in the way. The pipe work houses the cabling and it all had to come off as well.

I had disconnected the cables and pipework from  the master carriage switch at the top and was on the final connection underneath.

Come to think of it after all that I deserved a rest.

Elsewhere on SO 4790 the painting was continuing on the interior roof.

Note all the roof light glasses hanging by 2 bolts. The were actually designed that way so that you can change the bulbs without taking them right down. They are surprisingly heavy.

Also to be seen in the picture is Tony Barnard refitting those sliding windows. He with a little help removed all of them, 32, about 2 months ago.

Today this was the first pair pair back in place. By the end of the day he and John Hughes had re-installed all but 4. They would all have been in place except for 2 problems. A shortage of small screws to fit them with, and the fact that some of the windows are of a different design and don't really fit properly. We didn't notice when they were removed because none of the really slide very well at the time. Now its obvious.

So a hunt is on to find some compatible ones or ways to adjust the ones we have.

Exterior rubbing down and filling continued most of the day. We should now be ready to start taping up ready for the undercoating to start on Saturday.

On the RBr 1672 work continued on the saloon with Paul applying 3 coats of floor coating and then turning his attention to the oven door enamelling.

Robin was busy with among other things this rail from the kitchen range.  Ron Bennett finished the pipework drain point so a water test should be on for Saturday.

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