Sunday, 8 January 2012

Saturday - A day of deliberations

We apologise for the late arrival of the Saturday blog due the final preparations and delivery of the Sunday sermon.

It was an appropriate subject - baptism and renewal and renewal, all be it of the carriages, is what we all strive for when working in C&W isn't it?

Well I'm not always sure it is when you see the holes we keep making!!!

A for instance - Steve started cleaning up the woodwork in the entrance vestibule at the east end of SO 4790.  

and ended up removing the entire floor.

Of course with the floor out tidying was easier just sweep it through the hole in the floor straight into the bin.

At least John Osborn put some metal in for change before blowing another fuse in the welder.

Several suggestions were made on how to repair it but for some reason John didn't like any of them.

He will be wanting a new one next.

I'm note sure why Richard bothered to put his overalls on. He ended up having so many 'consultations' about so many things. What else we can do to help the On Train Catering group they do so much good work and fund raising for the railway thy deserve all the help we can give them.

Then there was what to do next with the bogie set in the workshop. There was an inspection of the east end of bogie which after jacking proved to have a stuck axle box guide. A little heat in the right place released it but more will need to be done before it can be used under a moving carriage. It could of course support an static one.

Richard then held a series of discussions about the layout of the disabled area in the saloon of SO 4790. The final one with Steve Banfield and John Hill to evaluate the practicalities of creating the favoured solution.

John went of the check if he had a seat of the correct sort to fit in that right hand corner.

Thirteen seat backs no seat. AAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! I will keep you posted.

The rest of us ploughed on the painters painted a final coat of grey on the wall side of 4790. Mark out the lining and then undercoat next. The interior ceiling is down to 2 section left to finish.

Chris got ahead with door 1W from 4790 but checking the fit of the wood window trip before it get varnished for once. Often its all varnished and then we find it doesn't quite fit.

Nikki was a notable absentee but with a series of exams looming she is forgiven and we wish her good luck.

On CK 7221 Derek is getting to the end of the corridor floor replacement. He even took time to reflect on his progress and assess what was left to do.

More Plywood needed Dave.

With the major work still the welding. There are a number finished bit piling up and Dave has to keep moving things around to create workspace out side the carriage. It keeps his arms full.These are table legs. Err Dave where have you put the table tops?

Dennis was pre-occupied with the emergency chord operating movement. The back of the 2 springs is broken and blocked with rubbish. The front one the replacement salvaged from this spare unit. A bit of cleaning is still needed before it gets refitted.

Me, this is me the picture by John Osborn, I spent the day finishing the detachment of the east end corridor connector.

44 screws in total. none of them easily accessible with a normal screw driver.

Having found the technique on Thursday I managed to remove 39.
Leaving 5.
The angle grinder did for 3 more
Leaving 2.

The picture was taken BEFORE I hit my thumb removing the last 2 with a hammer and chisel. Job done. Ouch.

At total of 19 in today all striving for renewal, I think.

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