Sunday, 15 January 2012

Saturday 14th January


It was -1 degree Centigrade when I got to Winchcombe which was better than the -6 degrees going over the hill to get there.

Heater on, kettle on and a brew to get going. At least another 15 intrepid folk made it in and with the sun up things warmed up.

That is except for Dennis who was testing the emergency chord on the RBr 1672 in the barn. Unfortunately for Dennis the operational end of the system was the outer end of the RBr so still outside even the protection of the barn.

Cheryl and I'm not sure who, were completing another section of the ceiling on SO 4790.

John Hamer was cleaning up another window and later with a little assistance got it re-installed. It was originally a one person job but with the passing of years the mounting studs go and you have to drill through from the outside. So it becomes a two  person job to re-install a lot of the windows this one included.  One more to go for SO 4790.

Being in early I got started with Dave on some rubbing down and started the taping up ready for the undercoat. After a double check with Dave we settled on 2.5 inches and 48.5 inches down from the gutter for the two lines. As the gutter in never that straight a little licence is needed and getting a straight line more important.

A line sighting at the end and I'm fairly happy with the result.

Paul was also pleased with the end result of the sealant on the RBr floor. Mind you heaven help who ever has to put the tables tops back on those legs.

Shoes off and you dare leave a mark!!!

In the kitchen area a full test of the water system revealed a leak in the hot water tank that is located to the right of this previously troublesome section of pipe and over the cooker which heats the water when in use.

The tank had to come out and some ingenious work allowed an air pressure test to locate the leak.

John Squires, Phil and Paul connecting it up.

With the tape in place on SO 4790 Bob Keyte arrived, and was straight into action.

With the sliding windows already painted this was the start of the main body work.

by the end of the day a great and very obvious difference.

Camelion like it changes colour from Carmine and cream to Chocolate and Cream

Andy sanding a draw from the RBr to ensure smooth running when opened and getting warm again. The workshop was fine but the barn being really doesn't warm up very much.

A neat edge and a pointed reminder not to upset John that needle is pointed at both ends and about nine inches long.

We left him, recently, with a challenge to find a single seat base. There seems to be none around but he has come up with this one which can be trimmed down.

Before any action on that front we need to ensure the wheel chairs will easily fit the space remaining when its fitted.

That's a job for next Saturday.

Out of site but basking in the sunshine streaming into the CK 7221 carriage was Bob Mac stripping the ceiling in one of the compartments.

So another day of action and progress on all fronts.

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