Sunday, 1 January 2012

New Years Eve

The gateway to a new and hopefully better year for the railway.

However the old one went out with a bang, as you will see from the main website, when a car landed on the track after an accident.

While the passengers on the train were safe and quickly returned to Cheltenham by coach, some passengers, unbeknown to the station staff had come on an earlier train and walked into Winchcombe for lunch returning after the coach had left. So there was a quick search for anybody still around to take them back to Cheltenham as well. At that moment Dennis and I emerged from C&W on our way home. We diverted and got the passengers back safely, real team work across the railway.

Here the Turkish 8F arrives at Winchcombe the accident happened on the next run to Cheltenham.

So what did get done on out last work session of 2011.

Well it was evident that Cheryl had had one to many liqueur Chocolates. These were not the Chocs Dave wanted painting. I hope who ever DID do the painting enjoyed one, I did!

Fortunately the correct chocs did get painted in the right 'Warning Yellow' and then hung up to dry.

As per the request of the other day the ceiling painting was in full swing in 4790.

Cheryl could reach the side and the top on tippy toes.

Dave somewhat taller had no problem with the top but had to duck closer to the sides.

They were joined by Dave and Bob

and between them they completed the east end of 4790 ready for the panelling to be addressed.

Also being painted were the the first 16 of the 32 sliding windows. You can count them just to make sure. I'm not sure if Alan Baugh did any more but he did a great job on this set.

Beside the corners needing lots of attention we also have to rehang the doors at that end of the carriage so John was diverted again to install new mount plates for the hinges. These will need drilling and tapping when the door has been positioned again and  measured. The door on the other side also needs doing.

Nikki was assisting John Hamer to put the window back into 4790 (John's on the inside). Once finished all those screws will need filling, rubbing down and painting in and rubbing down again to get that nice smooth finish.

Earlier Nikki has been helping her dad Chris with the centre door of the RBr which persists with sticking shut.

Work on the CK 7221 continued with more of the upholstery been completed. .John Hill completed the arm rests for the second First Class compartment seats.

The CK has 4 First Class and 3 Second class compartments.

I couldn't make my mind up with this picture the seat back is actually standing on end but we are much more used to seeing them this way round.

John was well justified it resting on his laurels as he showed off one of the seats from the first compartment.

The upholsters are way in front of the body repair team on this carriage. Great job.

It was good to see Grenville Carr back in action after his illness here painting the radiator covers from the sides of 4790.

With 20 people in attendance there was also a team to take a look at and asses the spare bogie set in the workshop. While regular checks are made on the bogies and maintenance undertaken. We haven't been able to deal with all the issues that arise. When that happens we have had to either scrap the bogie or at least replace it with another and 'store' the offending bogie until we can address the issues.

A lot of research has been undertaken and lots of BR manuals studied, also several consultations have taken place with other railways that already carry out work that we have not previously considered. 

Some nuts only get taken on very rarely and need a little encouragement to let go.

Assessing the movement of the axle hone guides. With the bogie jacked up the movement of the axle hone guides can be seen here. This gave us an opportunity for a close inspection of the guides.

One advantage of Isambard Kingdom Brunel's approached to railway building, i.e. keep the track bed flat, as far as possible and use sweeping bends is that we seem to get relatively little wear in bogies compared to others railways.

The down side is that we have a lot of embankments!
As ever swings and roundabouts.
The embankments mean we do get great views from our railway.


SWrural said...

Last comment on IKB had me scratching my head, a sort of 'back to the future' impact!

Great blog as always, much appreciated, thanks.

The C and W Dept Blog of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Railway said...

With a relatively level there is little wear due to stopping going down hill. Take a look at the worth valley rolling stock if your ever up there. The straight track means there is little lateral wear from turning tight bends. Hence our wheel sets get an easy life. This is achieved mainly due to all the embankment. The railways achilles heel of late for the railway. Hope this helps. Happy new year.


SWrural said...

Peter, I was merely referring to the fact that IKB had been dead for decades by the time that the line was designed and built, but perhaps I did not make that clear, my apologies.

Perhaps there is another angle to your piece of which I am unaware.