Tuesday, 10 January 2012

The Bogie Review

The result of Richard's consultation review of the bogies.

Richard says:

"I think we are agreed that the plan of action is that for the bogie under the kitchen end of 1672, we shall swap it with the equivalent one from the ex-upholstery RBr (subject to that one being OK).
For the bogie in the workshop, we shall work out how to remove the wheelsets, and then remove the pedestal liners on the shed side which appear damaged. Those on the wall side seem OK, and I don’t see a reason for interfering with them if they are. Hopefully, all they will need is a good clean. We will check further when the wheelsets are out.

I am sourcing new pedestal liners"

A wheelset comprises the axle and wheel on each end of it. Most bogies have two wheelsets a very few have three. I'm no expert on these things and I'm sure those who are will tell us with a comment. I seem to remember that sleeping cars had 3 wheelset bogies. The GWSR doesn't have any of those that I am aware off.

Currently we do not have the lifting gear to lift the bogie frame up to remove the wheelsets but there is an idea being considered. More on that when we have clearer information.

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