Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Getting Started

Greetings and welcome to this blog about a section of the Gloucestershire Warwickshire Steam Railway. This blog focuses on the Carriage and Wagon Department and its dedicated restoration activities.

Already existing is the ‘Steaming to Broadway Blog’ of the Broadway Group that is the inspiration for this blog.

There are also the photo diaries of the P’way Group and the Building Services Group. If there are others I simple have not found them yet so let me know.

As a group the C&W Dept are based in the works and the yard at Winchcombe. Like the Forth Rail Bridge used to be, when we finish at one end we are probably already overdue to start re-restoring the first carriage again. Not that we have got to the end yet to test the theory. Of course the better we do the longer the loop point will be.

It is also perhaps useful to understand the space we have to work in at Winchcombe.

We have a siding for one carriage and one wagon between the signal box and C&W shed.  Then there is the shed also with space for one carriage and one wagon and the barn which is a 2 road extension of the shed, one open road and one housing the carriage jacks. There is also a carriage which doubles as the upholstery shop.

While the landslip awaits repair the open barn road is in use as an engine shed, so not available to us.

There being no perfect place to break into a circle and start the blog I thought I would start with the most recent carriage to be rolled out.

So here is BK 24949 in the workshop just prior to being rolled out. It is currently parked at the end of platform 1 at Winchcombe.
It is scheduled to have an outing on the next Murder Mystery and have an outing with the chocolate and cream set soon.

It has been replaced in the workshop by an RBr to replace the rather tired looking one in the chocolate and cream set. A lot of work has already been done on it while it was outside.

In the barn we have a very rusty SO 4790,
a careful inspection of the picture reveals no door, the second window has been removed and the end may look black and shine but its only the paint holding a large part of the corner together, and this is the GOOD corner. Fortunately we have a great team who are already busy at the other end of the carriage replacing another corner.
The inside has been pretty well stripped out already, I noticed a seat end nearing structural completion on Saturday. It still needs varnishing etc. but in one area the destruction has ended and the restoration has begun.
Out on the siding the interior is being measured, stripped out and templates made of the CK (Corridor Composite) 7221 an ex Scot Rail vehicle. In time this will move inside for a full restoration but we can get ahead with some of the interior work now.

In future weeks I hope to update this blog with the work as it progresses on each vehicle we have in, plus a note on anything else we happen to get involved with. Like washing the running set on Thursday morning. After all we like the visitors to see the wonderful scenery out of the carriages as well as admire our handy work inside.

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