Thursday, 23 February 2017

Wednesday - Remove the pin

Many of the jobs we do last several days. Russ was continuing the varnishing of the table markers he started yesterday

while Davy was varnishing the south end vestibule of 4614

following on behind Des who is doing the staining to get the colour just as we want it. They will over the coming weeks work their way right through the carriage.

Colin returned the Broadway table clean up and repair.

The upholstery team finished one job, four new seat bases for 24949 which is in the paintshop at present. Chris and I replaced 4 seats in the carriage and removed the old worn ones for storage. Here are three of the well worn seats waiting to be transferred to storage but the weather was against doing that today! The 4th one is further along the paintshop out of shot.

So Penny started on the next job. oh look its another seat cushion but this set will be for the other green TSO which at present is at the far end of the yard.

Dave started on stripping the side panels

as did Jenny
 Doors are another area where it can seem like the some old same old. Its just the carriage that changes. The current carriage for the door team is 4614. Paul stripping one of the old doors from 4614. This one is being replaced so its component recovery time.

Doors also mean door pillars and David was investigating the door 4 hinge pillar.

Oh! So that's another pillar replacement fore the welders to do.
We did however make some good progress with a test hanging of door 5. We should be able to hang it again next week to sort out the lock position. This door has a new frame so is a total rebuild
We all know the instruction leaflets simple statement
'Remove the pin'
Yeah and an hour latter it finally came out

With the pin out it was possible to separate the two main frame sections of the bogie and extract the springs. remove the rust and refurbish the spring plates.

you have to do both sides, oh another pin!
We measure the springs to check the correct one are fitted. Its just working out what is fitted and what should be fitted that isn't always the straight forward. The large 'plan' details all the specifications for the various types of spring fitted to the carriages. Sorting out what is fitted can be a puzzle. John ponder the FO spring specifications
Maybe its is a bit easier being a painter just remember vertical. Rod completing the first top coat on the south end Cotswold side of 24949.