Friday, 22 September 2017

Thursday - Steady Progress

Despite a number of regulars being away, we still had a good number attending.

The first photo of the day caught Tony Baker using the belt sander to tidy up a section of internal window framing for BSK 34929.

Later on he was with Pat installing another window pane on the Cotswold side of the coach, a tricky job definitely needed two people.

On the same side Nick was working on the north end door frame, initially preparing to remove the very rusted z-bar and then with all-important spacers in place he welded in a new section..

David worked on a small window on the Malvern side of 34929, initially cleaning up all around the surrounding panelling. He then had to remove two broken embedded screws in the back of the frame and was photographed re-tapping the drilled out holes. The final job was to lay the sealant around the frame edge ready for its reinstating.

Just outside the Barn Malcolm was happily cleaning up one of the bogies but eventually was driven inside as the rain increased somewhat.

Up on the Workshop mezzanine Steve was working on another LED strip.

Also working on electrics was Richard Bates, here producing a batch of dynamo straps.

Tony Barnard cleaned up a batch of the wood strips that line the backs of the seats for TSO 4614. By the time he left there was quite a pile on the Paintshop trestles ready for staining and varnishing.

Alan was carefully cutting new lengths of beading to fit above the windows inside the Cotswold side of 4614.

Robin painted more of the heating pipe covers for 4614. Behind him is the covered mountain of re-upholstered seats, many of which are destined for the coach.

The fitting out of the north veranda floor of the LMS Guards Van is coming along very well.