Wednesday, 24 May 2017

Tuesday - Important jobs first

A bright and early set of pictures for today's blog supplied by Cheryl who starts early and does a long morning session. So what happened this afternoon I will only find out tomorrow.

However, this morning saw the most important job of the day completed. The step boards for the Queen Mary guards van were painted and will now be ready to be fitted on Wednesday in time for the gala at the week-end.

While on Guards Vans, Richard Stone was again cleaning up more sections of the under rigging.

while also in the barn, I think its Richard Hoy preparing a section of the Cotswold side of the BSK ready for a primer coat of paint.

 Vivien was working on the booking office chairs. Nice matching of the stripes.

Of course there is always the distraction of a passing train

and the crew and passengers to wave too.

Now where was I?

Tony Barnard was back on his ?favorite? job preparing more of the sliders to go back into 4614.