Sunday, 15 January 2017

Saturday - Sort Out

Another great turn out today with 25+ in attendance. Fortunately with Ian's big birthday approaching there was a great supply of sustenance. Thanks to Diane and Happy Birthday Ian.
The main order of the day was to sort out where the carriages are for the winter work. Having moved the RBr from the main barn road the rest of the vehicles in the workshops were connected up and pulled out.

past the RBr which was now on the end of the jack road. perhaps another couple of inches clearance would have been nice. However, they did pass safely.

After some manoeuvring in the yard the RBr took its place in the paiuntshop

The rest of the vehicles were returned to the original positions.

We then took the chance of an easy move. the bullion van was shunted next to the FO in the platform as this was the storage place for the FO seats after they had been re-upholstered.

It was a relatively easy move along the platform and through the window. The seats are very heavy and we were glad the team was 7 strong! The seats are not fixed in position and can be easily shift a little to allow interior finishing to take place.

The FO carriage was soon shunted back into the barn and the missing window prepared

and riveted into place sealing the carriage.

We have recently purchased some refurbished buck-eye couplings, again very heavy.

So Ian and Andy got to save another trip to the gym move the three of them to a suitable storage ara.

In the upholstery shop John and Jenny were padding up the edge of another seat base for 24949

while Penny sewed one seat and Dave prepared the next

Dennis was in progressing the restoration of the Stills boiler
while John Osborn finished cutting out the north corner of 4614. James was finishing the welding on a window corner while Richard and I prepared the next one for welding.

It the paintshop with the RBr now in position  it was full sand ahead, (sorry no steam here). The work focussed on the door openings and edges. Phil on one of the emergency doors

and Paul on the corresponding door the other side. You have to make sure you sand off as much paint as you intend to put on in these areas

or the doors stick when finished! Dave was starting on one of the kitchen access doors.