Monday, 27 March 2017


Glorious sunshine and the bright yellow of the gorse greeted me as I drove over Winchcombe Hill this morning with the mist/fog thick in the valley below.

The sun soon burnt off the mist and the upholstery team were off down the yard to extract more seats from the green TSO still at the far end of the yard. Jenny removing the securing screws from the end seat by the centre vestibule

While Penny and John removed the capping strip from the first of the double back to back seats. You can see how faded the moquette is.

I was again pack horse hauling the trolley back to the upholstery shop were Dave was soon stripping down extracted seats assisted by Penny and Jenny.

We sometimes find the steel work of the seat bases is broken and they get passed across to the welders for repairs. Today Pam did the honour and applied the protective coat of red oxide before passing the base back.

We have been aware of a broken slider on the maroon set and today Toni and Ken set about making repairs to the slider bar.

No corner is left up treated as Andy's pair of new overalls are duly 'worn in' working on the Midland brake van

Clive was again wearing his new overalls working on the same vehicle. He has cleverly managed to hide the paintbrush behind the upright of the scaffold tower.

Out in the barn Kevin was gradually removing all the old rivets and screws from the rub plate on the corridor connection at the north end of BSK 34929.

Having finished his section of paint Clive moved on to start removing the loose and flaking paint from the BSK 24929

It the paintshop the final touches are being applied to 24949 before it is shunted out on Thursday.

Dave was finding all sorts of odd pieces to paint. Here the window edge and in front a shelf from a toilet.