Sunday, 9 August 2020

what is it?

 Oh yes its a train!

However, That was Saturday and earlier in the week, actually way back to Tuesday the painters were getting close to completing the spruce up of carriages for the second restart rake.
a spot of lining out still to do.

In the paintshop work on 1808 is at a more basic level. sorting out the cracked paintwork.

and having removed the damaged door pillar on Wednesday the new one was put in place on Wednesday.

all painted in red oxide.

a slight alignment adjustment! 
Next weeks job return the square hole created when we cut out the rust back to a circle round the water tank boss. Must remember to check that breather pipe hole alignment before we go to far.

With the woodwork machines all service last week the team were back in on Wednesday. The first job for Ed was to rout the corridor end wood for Ken.

Then it was cut some new door liners for the door team.

Rex cutting a section of replacement metal for 1808

while Bryan was cleaning up radiator grills for 34929

When the carriage came in we were aware of a reported roof leak. After Bob removed the fan and its mount from this hole an area of the mount was found that appears never to have been sealed. Steve has now started  rebuilding the water damaged section of the ceiling.

On the exterior the painting team have continued with the clean up of 1808

Steve also cut the wood sections for the vestibule floor support in 17221. Derek is now setting about the final fitting.

A section of pipework from 4772. repaired and ready to be refitted.

The upholstery team are now back on their favourite job of TSO seat seat rebuilding with Chainlink moquette.

Yep another new roll now in position and ready to go. Fortunately we had it in stock before the shutdown ready for this job.

As so the return trip from Cheltenham. Looks so much better the right way round.

Then some more axle box back seal replacements for the dirty gang.

Oh and did I mention there was a train running backwards

and forwards. Not just C&W spectators we were joined by members of the PWay gang.