Monday, 24 April 2017

Saturday - A new colour scheme

We are often asked about colour schemes for rakes of carriages. May be we should simple have our own colour scheme Madder and Grey quite striking really!
Having removed nearly all the windows i this carriage we thought it a good idea to commence the repaint by starting with the window surrounds. We lime to do round the sliding window opening early while the sliders them selves are still out. It is much easier. So Phil worked his way along the carriage  painting the window frames in Madder the undercoat we use for carriages being out shopped in maroon.
Sorry the grey will go.
Chris has made a start on fitting new door linings of door 4 on 4614. This the first of at least 8 that need doing.

 Having made some good progress we thought about a trail hang of the door to see how the lining was fitting. however, hanging this door could be a little tricky.
It was a lot easier once I turned the hinges up the right way!

Andy completed the removal of the next window frame and started on the clean up by removing the old mastic and re-taping the fixing holes for the internal wood framework.

James completed the welding on the north end of the carriage and moved on to do the corners of another window.

We have quite a production line going down the Malvern side of the carriage we started at window 8 and have progressed in sequence.

So Andy has just removed the frame for window 2.
On Window 3 the rusted corners are being cut out and some new patches prepared to go in.
after Nick does any structural repairs
On window 4 James weld the new patches into the body side for that the window frame

Next week David and I will put the frame back into window 4
Coming along behind us is the interior team putting the glass back in.

And one day 4614 will look at smart as 3132.  This was the first time I have seen the carriage with the tables and the lamp shades all in place.
With Steve making good progress on the north end vestibule thing are coming together rapidly.

There is some very steady progress with the LMS brake van Andy and Clive both working on the painting today.

I did enquire where these vacuum pipe dummy posts were from ..... but I have forgotten sorry.
Still they are are all cleaned up and painted in red oxide.

With the immanent departure of some wagons there was shunt in between the war in the Cotswold trains adding a little more action for visitors. The shunt was to relocate the vans and trucks affected to a more convenient position for clearing ready to go.

The upholstery team with their usual serene progress completed some headrest pads and another seat for the refit of the RMB seating that's 6 sets out of 22 done.

Clive to a bit of time out in the sunshine for some protective work on CK 7221 in the yard. Its also a go spot to watch the trains go by.
A thank you to Simon Banks for the donation of some traditional and imperial scale machine tools. None of the modern stuff for us.
Finally if anyone would like to donate a new smart phone to the blogger in chief (me) he would love a replacement foe the one he just stood on! Dooh!!! It does still work ..... at the moment.