Friday, 21 July 2017

Thursday - hanging around

There are always some jobs either nobody wants to do or that get put off until some in particular is in to do them. Today was a day when several of those jobs got done.

First up was the removal of the SR brake van 55126 which has left for the KESR after sitting ready to go for 3 weeks.

Next was this steam heat value. The value has a small breather hole that releases the pressure in the hose when the value is closed.

Unfortunately these sometimes get assembled the wrong way round and thus release the pressure when its supposed to be holding and vise versa. Its a bit of a 50/50 chance getting the assembly right!

This was NOT assembled by us but arrived on the end of 3132 the wrong way round. To correct it is simple. Dismantle the assembly and turn the leaver 90 degrees then reassemble.

There are 2 fundamental problems with this. The first is 'DUSMANTLE' The value is made in 2 parts that screw together (one half is in the vice the other to the right after we succeeded).
These do not like being separated one part is steel the other brass.Simple you say heat the steel great but the steel has the male section of the thread. So you have to heat the brass ok but not desirable as a process.

Once its apart you have to leave it a long time to cool it down, a bucket of water is not recommended.
Once you can work on it the internal assemble you need to get at is a bit beyond finger tip range and is made up of several small part that once released constantly keep falling out.

Perseverance a little grease to act as a 'glue' to hold things in place and 45 minutes later you can screw the 2 parts back together hoping you have got the value leaver the correct way round!

The assemble was later refitted to the end of 3132 ready for a retest.

Another job that has been on going for while is the balancing of the brake rigging across the spare bogies that will be going into use under the BSK 34929 One rigger laying on the floor here, is a slightly different size the to other 3 which means one set of brake blocks is out of sync with the others in terms of wear. After a lot of measuring and switch round we couldn't find a better balance between the riggers we have so we will have to live with the situation for a while. Its not dangerous just annoying for the maintenance team when the blocks wear down

So then John and Ken had to refit them all.

With Nick back from holiday we took the plunge with the hinge side pillar on door 2 of 4614 cutting out the old pillar and welding in a new one. This has been on the to do list for a few weeks.

A job left for Alex was the renumbering of the goods van, very nest and free hand!

Taking the flaking paint from the ceiling of the parcel area of the BSK perhaps comes under the not popular list so great job Dave Hancox

Another on the not urgent list was the memorial board for Toddington but today Robin applied the first of the top coats.

Derek was continuing with his restoration of the LMSbrake van in the workshop.

putting the now painted planking back on the Malvern side, well all but the last 2 bottom planks.

Door 2 has been awaiting some attention to the rusted bottom. John Varley started on the challenge also patching a hole just under the door handle.

SDome things take a long time. Richard presented Steve Smith with his 15 service certificate today after Steve goit back from a holiday in New Zealand.

Carrying on on a more normal routine were Pat

and tony as they work their way round the interior window trims of the BSK

The painting of the DMU parcel area was also proceeding in the more orderly manor.